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The fact that we enjoyed perfect velvety skin in our teenage years is not reason enough to enjoy it throughout. Sun damage is cummulative and can be seen on our skin a decade or two later. The skin on our body needs the same kind of love and care as our face. Dull, coarse and lifeless skin is a result of a generally toxic lifestyle, and healthy eating, proper exercise and body brushing can make a dramatic difference.

Even if you cannot afford professional treatment, there's still a lot you can do for yourself from home beauty treatments.
Although backless blouses look very elegant many women have blemished backs. Rather than covering up and hiding your body, do something to get rid of these spots.
A weekly light scrubbing down with pumice stone or a scrub gives a regular exfoliation, which is a must to give the skin a satin smooth look.
Also include healthy doses of vitamin C (atleast 1000 mg two to three times a day) in your diet. There's nothing like a good massage to relax those tense nerves. 
Fast once a week to detoxify the system. When toxins overload the body, the skin appears blemished and sallow. Following a detoxification programme will give your skin a chance to regain its natural shine.
Get into a regular beauty routine. Never go to the bed with your make-up on. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face every night, even if you have oily skin. Of all the products that promise soft and radiant skin, a moisturizer is probably the most effective.

It nourishes the skin, giving an almost immediate softness and suppleness. Wear a moisturizer with a high SPF to protect the skin from the sun's damaging effects, and use a renewal cream, preferably collagen based, during the night.
Pay special attention to dry areas such as knees and elbows by moisturizing liberally after exfoliating.

If you need to loose weight, go about it in a systematic way. Crash dieting doesn't work as you'll only loose much needed energy. Any weight loss programme should be slow and controlled. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a Queen, and dine like a pauper. Avoid cholesterol rich food like butter, cheese, and ghee.
Avoid tea, coffee and fizzy drinks, opt for fruit and vegetable juices, mineral waste and herbal teas.
Stock up on foods that boost the immune system, especially if you are susceptible to flu. Zinc is one of the most powerful immune system boosting minerals, but avoid taking too much of it in a supplement form. Food rich in zinc are red meat, wholegrain bread and cereal. Fill up on the A-list foods, which are nutritious and taste great! 

Carrots (Anti-cancerous, reduce the risks of heart attacks, good for the eyes);
Broccoli (anti-cancerous, and rich in vitamin C and calcium);
Spinach (Anti-cancerous, contains vitamin C, E and calcium);
Grapes (helps prevent heart disease, high in vitamin C, iron and potassium);
Strawberries (reduces cholesterol ans risks of high blood pressure);
Onions (clears blocked sinuses, help prevent heart attacks and rectal colon and stomach cancers);
Garlic ( Anti-cancerous, reduces acidity, lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity, and reduced blood clotting).

Get a plant in your room. It's well known that houseplants are good for health. They cut down on chemical toxins in the atmosphere, counteract allergies, asthma, headaches and fatigue and humidify rooms, so both your lungs and skin will benefit.


Exercise Regularly
Moderate exercise makes the bones stronger, but intense training can have the opposite effect, as a lot of calcium is lost in sweat.
If you are working in a hot and humid weather, you would sweat more and so you'll need to increase your calcium intake. Swimming is good for everyone, especially those with damaged joints or muscles. If you have a bad back, swimming is the ideal exercise. It builds strength, is relaxing and helps tone every area of your body.
Yoga is an extremely effective work out for the body and the mind. It improves co-ordination and posture, and asthma patients have benefited greatly as they are taught how to breathe properly. Yoga has no side effects, is beneficial for all the systems and prevents illness from striking. 

Grab the Veggies
Your diet supplies the nutrients needed by the cells to keep skin, hair and nails looking healthy.Therefore, it is important that you feed your body a well balanced diet. Vegetables are actually ‘longevity’ foods; they are clean burning, ‘high octane’ fuels that return the cells causing premature ageing.

Veggies like tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and green leafy vegetables like spinach are packed with vitamin A and C, beta-carotene and fibre. These nutrients not only make your skin glow, but even help in destroying cancerous cells and preventing heart attacks.
They are also loaded with calcium – the mineral your body needs to keep your bones from buckling. Vegetables are rich in healthy carbohydrates and devoid of fat or cholesterol, making them good for the heart.
Poor eating habits can cause temporary hair loss, cracks in the corner of your mouth and brittle nails. Your skin can bruise easily, heal slowly and look dull, drab and ‘ashy’. A good diet, on the other hand will keep your skin looking healthy and toned, and sport a fine texture and colour.
Besides, a healthy diet will keep skin diseases at bay. In fact, if you eat right, you won’t need to take vitamin supplements. In short there is no substitute for veggies.

Fitness Goals
Exercise is surprisingly enjoyable, good for the self-esteem and carries significant benefits for the quality of our lives and our health. Be it yoga, aerobics or walking, and no matter how little of it, it is important for both physical and mental health.

Exercise is a panacea for boredom, tension, anxiety and even PMS. Working up a sweat is natural and healthy, a vital requirement for a balanced, fulfilled life.
Exercise improves blood circulation, which helps in the reproduction of new cells, besides getting rid of all impurities to reveal radiant skin. But when you don’t exercise enough, the blood circulation is sluggish and the skin receives less oxygen. As a result, your skin may look dull and sallow, one that lacks lustre. In fact, it might even aggravate acne.
It might take some getting used to, but once you get started, your body and mind will get accustomed to the exertion and actually hunger for it.


Simply Brush it Away
Body brushing is a good way to stimulate blood circulation. Because the skin is an organ of elimination (and the largest one in the body), many toxins can be eliminated if you stimulate the circulation and the lymph system by brushing the skin.

Use a loofah or a body sponge and brush in circular motions to remove the dead skin cells. Pay special attention to the elbows, knees, shoulders, the back and thighs. Do this every day before bathing or showering. Also, keep the temperature of your bath water a little higher that of your skin so as to stimulate sluggish circulation.
Smoother skin is a spin-off of this toxin-eliminating regimen, which leaves you feeling invigorated and truly bright-eyed.